I'm planning on getting a new neck pickup for my Ibanez S670 (mahogany body, HSH pickup config). I've been torn between the Air Norton and H.f.H. I've heard very good reviews from the Air Norton but only when it's coupled with the Tone Zone or Super Distortion. I have heard that the H.f.H has amazing cleans but not much about distortion. I have a stock INF2 in the bridge and a Dimarzio Chopper in the mid strat position I play songs ranging anywhere from "Run to the Hills" to "Strange Brew." If anyone has any good advice on either of these, pros cons etc. , then please post a response.
HFH sounds pretty much like a split humbucker. It's great if you want that almost single coil vibe, something along the lines of a Jazzmaster pickup or a smoother P-90. It doesn't have much humbucker character. It's great for shred runs because it's so bright and clear but I personally don't see much use for it. An SD Jazz or DM PAF Pro can do the same bright neck tone with more balls behind it.

Air Norton is a pretty good all-rounder but I've only tried it in two very bright guitars. I think with more balanced guitars like yours there's a chance it could get muddy.

Again the PAF Pro and Jazz offer slightly brighter tones that would probably balance better. DM Bluesbucker would also be good, it's a little closer to the HFH if you did want a much brighter tone but wanted to keep a little more of the humbucker character rather than the single coil vibe of the HFH. Or you could go classic, go with a SD Seth Lover and get that bright tone with a vintage, open bucker sound or a SD 59 or DM 36th PAF for a slightly hotter version of that same open early humbucker sound.
hey man i have an Ibanez S570b mahogany body with maple neck so its almost the same.. i put a dimarzio Liquifire in the neck and an X2N in the bridge and coil tapped both for versatility i kept the single coil stock cuz i dont use it much but i sounds alright .. so with my configuration i can go from jazz/blues to metal and rock with just one guitar..