Hello everyone,

The setting I use for practicing at home is the mids scooped down to 2/12 . I really love the tone I get, the notes are so clear with overdrive (The Strokes tone).

I know that when you want to practice in a band you need to have higher mids to get through the mix.

How could I preserve my "scooped mids" tone in a band ?

Thanks !!!
Turn the mids up. Then turn everything else up the same amount.

The bass to a lesser extent because you will eat up the bass guitar's frequencies and they'll eat you up and it will be a huge muddy mess.
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So I just turn the treble up the same amount as the mids ?

That's all ?

Does it not depend on the clean headroom ?
as your volume changes the dynamics change as well. you'll have to dial in the sound you want at the volume you will be playing at. this pretty much entails experimenting.
what monwobobbo said.

turn up to band volumes and you're probably going to have to redo your eq anyway. and if you still like the tone with low mids, then start soundchecking with the band. play a part of a song. if you're getting drowned out, try turning the mids up a little. then soundcheck again. i'm sure you can find a good compromise.
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