Hi again. I've recently found out that I'm interested in a Gibson LP Studio '60 Tribute in honeyburst, but most places in Norway, and Europe are generally overpriced insanely. I've been on Musiciansfriend, and everytime I type in my zip code, it won't accept it - even though it has like every single country available in that dropbox of theirs. So I'm pretty confused. All I want from you guys is a shop that ships guitars to Europe, and/or other equipment in general. I'd rather spend $900 on a Gibson guitar than 900€.
You can't. Shops aren't allowed to. Guitar manufacturers keep that stuff locked down so they can dictate what the prices are in each region. The only way you can get a guitar in America and import it to the EU is if you buy from a private seller or eBay, something like that.

You don't want to bother anyway. When you import a guitar to the EU you'll be charged an additional 27-30% from VAT and import duties, not to mention the increased shipping and the fact that if anything goes wrong you can't easily send it back. Unless a guitar in America only costs about 50% or less what it costs near you then it's not worth importing. $900 isn't enough of an improvement over €900. By the time you add in VAT and import duty you'll likely be spending about €820-€860, probably closer to the €860 end. So you'll only be saving about €40, maybe €50 or so and if there's a problem with the guitar you won't be able to return it, Gibson's warrenty won't count, it will take quite a while to reach you and that's not including however much it might cost to ship it. For it to be worth you importing you would need to find someone in America selling one for about $700. That's not likely unless you find a second hand one on eBay but somebody selling one second hand isn't likely to be willing to ship it all the way over to you.

And last I heard all the 60s Tribute guitars in America have been sold, or at least reserved. I know all the Goldtop ones have gone at least.
Thanks for the great response. I guess I'm better off with buying from musicstore.de, as they do not charge VAT to Norway (only Norway), for some reason. I'll then only have to pay the extra import duties and shipping. I really hate the local stores in Norway, there are almost only Epiphones, and other not so known brands. As far as I know, they haven't imported a single Gibson, once. Well, well, I might travel to America once and buy one. Another risk there is that the guitar might break while traveling. Those damn people that fill the plane with luggage are throwing stuff meters above...

Thanks again.
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Is it this one? http://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_lp_studio_60s_tribute_whb.htm

I think that's pretty cheap. I'd get one if I wasn't already going to buy a semi-acoustic next week

Yeah, I found a Cherry Sunburst even cheaper here. Gonna change those P90s into Humbuckers one beatiful day :-)