didnt know if anybody else has stumbled across this its where you play a chord and you take your pointer finger and ''scrape'' in an upward motion on the bottom three strings. sounds pretty cool when you get the hang of it. thoughts?
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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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try the sexolydian scale.
don't know about chords, but joe satriani uses alot of pick scrapping on singular notes. not sure if thats the right term. eh.
oh so its just up strums with your index and only partway up. interesting.
im not sure when i would use it, but messing around right now if youre playing power chords and leaving the bottom 2 or 3 strings open (E power chord, etc) you can strum with no pick and do that technique on the open strings at the bottom, can do some neat things with that