Hey all, long time lurker here. I play bass, but two of my brothers play guitar, and one of them is looking to buy a new amp. Something relatively cheap, and sounds good for what you're paying. His budget is around 350-400 euro, but he's looking at all kinds of amps, so no particular type (tube, modelling, etc.). He's looking at the Marshall MG15/30FX, Fender Mustang I/II, Kustom KG100HFX with 412 cab and a Harley Benton 15 watt tube combo right now, but that may change.

What do you, O Ultimate-Guitarists say? Which amp would you buy in such a situation?

P.S.: We live in Ireland, so some brands/models might be unavailable or cost quite a bit more than they would cost elsewhere, but we have quite a good selection thanks to Musikhaus Thomann
I've heard bad things about the Marshall MG series, but no personal experience. Heard good stuff about the Fender Mustangs, and the Kustom seems really interesting. If he is just using for practice the Bugera V5 might be an option, or the Blackstar HT1R (I think that is the right name of the model). Also, I'm not sure how the exchange rate is on euros and US dollars, so it may not jive. I will say, personally, I've messed with some of the older Peavey 212 combos - several different models - all solid state - and I've been impressed across the board with them - nice clean, nice distortion.
Do NOT get a Marshall MG, ever. Fender Mustangs are pretty good but at a 350-400 euro budget you could get something a lot better. Tell him to look into a small, possibly used tube combo like a Blackstar HT-5 or a 20W Jet City combo.
Yeah the MGs will get pretty much slaughtered in this thread, but hey, that's what they're there for
I have an MG. Its a No-no. Pretty the next step up from a line 6 spider. But the Mustang would be great.

EDIT: Or see what Vox VT+ is in your price range.