I'm playing an acoustic-electric guitar in an acoustic rock band (two acoustics, drums, really simple set-up). Most of our songs are done acoustically (obviously) but occasionally we have electric guitar parts that the other guitarist takes responsibility of (He plays a Godin A6 Ultra, has an electric pick-up), but he can only do so much on his own for some of the parts we have. What I was wondering is if it was possible to take an electric guitar pick-up and attach it to my acoustic so that I could use distortion when need be and not get the feedback of death that I get when I try running even the lightest distortion through my guitars built in pick-up system? If not, would any run of the mill soundhole pick-up do the trick?
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gibson made a model that had a SC mounted on it... And did Cobain use an old pawnshop Stella with a sc in it as well?
Sure. As long as you're using steel, steel nickel, or any other ferrous metal string. Now... The only problem you'll run into with an acoustic is feedback. Especially if you want to use distortion and an electric amp. You might be able to use a soundhole cover to minimize, but the problem will be lurking in the background I'm afraid.
My twelve string acoustic has a Humbucker installed. Sounds great for acoustic, rock and even metal.
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I have a Seymour Duncan soundhole pick up that I use on my Seagull S6. Just last weekend i plugged it into my Vox Valvetronix and cranked the gain, sounded great! It even has a tighter distortion sound than the stock bridge pickup on my strat!

So yeah... These Seymours are awesome!