I'm looking into a used 2008 Fender American Deluxe Strat. The guy is bringing it down from another store so i'm looking to you guys to tell me what to look for. He says it is in mint condition and hardly played. It is a sienna burst and has a HSS pickup config. The price is $1,050. Is this a good price? and can you tell me a little bit of background info about these beauties?
Looks like they are $1,550 new with case. Is it coming with a case? I'm not entirely sure how much these guitars generally go for used, and at that price, it better come with a case, or you might as well buy a new one.
the price is OK but not a steal by any stretch. the single coils are noiseless and the humbucker is good but not really a metal pup but more rock.
Well they cost $1200 back then. A year later, they were $1600 for a few months. Then they went into the clearance bin to make way for the updated American Deluxes. Within a year, the price varied from $1000 to $1600. It's worth $1050 but you might be able to find one cheaper.
yes it does come with the fender molded case. what is the lowest you think i could take the guy down to? and ar there any significant differences about a 2008 vs a brand new one?
They changed the pickups and neck. Those are the immediate differences I can think of.
ok sweet thanks everyone for your help, feel free to add on to here to help a fellow UGer out