So i made a thread 2 days ago regarding the agile and if it was worth my money. And someone recommended a MIM fender tele. here are the 2 guitars.



Every forum ive been to brags about MIM teles and how much better they are than the agiles. I dont really see that point. The agile has a spalted maple top, grovers, wilkinson bridge, 22 frets(my pref), a slimmer neck(my pref), and it looks better(opinion). Is there any reason why people like MIM teles so much? Im really dying to know since i want a tele now! And I cant try any guitars out since theres 0 guitar stores near me. Has anyone tried the agile with the noiseless pickups? Will the MIM fender stay in tune? I dont have experience with agiles, so are they durable?