There's quite a bit of promise here. Epic Doom is my favorite doom, and this reminded me quite a bit of Isole/Forsaken and the like.

That said it's a bit generic, especially on that verse chord progression. Like at 42 ish? It's not bad but not great. Needs a] some punch , and b] needs perhaps after the first time it's used a melody/lead over it. Maybe a simple octave thing even?

Otherwise I like it thus far. The main riff thing is nice and heavy, and keeps me interested. The clean part is brilliant. As is the solo so far. Real nice note choice there.

As far as where to go from here, I'd say honestly I could see some double bass rhythmically to build its intensity, as well as going into a solo section/lead section of sorts? Harmonies perhaps, a la Scald? And then an epic doom climax riff and build it down to a nice end?

And also, care to crit my most recent one? Also doom, the first one in my sig...
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