Before, I only had an EQ in the loop, but with the purchase of two new pedals, I was just wondering if pedals in the FX loop have to be arranged a certain way as well.
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Yes, it will make a difference. However, you can still arrange the pedals to your taste.
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EQ, Delay, then Reverb.
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They will all produce different effects. Traditionally, you would EQ first, then use a time-based effect after.
The delay and reverb are interchangeable. Usually the delay will go before the reverb, which makes the reverb a bit more subtle on the delayed signal. You can put the delay after the reverb, that will make the reverb stand out more because it will be repeated with the delays.
Reverb should go last because its actually based off of a real life sound, right? Originally Reverb was the sound that was created in a large room or tile. So it should be last.