I have a Gibson SG Special for sale. I bought it about 4 years ago back when I was really into playing guitar. About a year ago I started playing less and less, and now I dont play anymore. My dad plays a lot of guitar and he still picks it up and plays it fairly often and takes care of it (changing the strings when they need to be changed, making sure the neck is good and the action is low, but not buzzing. The whole guitar (body, neck, head, etc... ) are in brand new condition. In fact, its better than buying a brand new one because its already set up! There is absolutely NO belt buckle rash on the back, or marks on the pick guard. It sounds great when using distortion, and when playing through a clean amp with no sound effects. Like I said, my dad still takes care of it really well. It will come with a case (not a hard shell, but not a crapy gig bag eather, its pretty nice) and I can include a brand new Boss "Metal Pedal" for $40 (retails for $80) if you would like as well.

PM me or Email me for pictures at ginger-kid28@hotmail.com

Thanks for looking!
***$500 shipped if sold by the end of this week, (Friday, July 1st). ***