I have a Silvertone 1465 solid state head which is not fully functional, and I need a cabinet to play it through while I test it. I believe it is 150 watts at 4 ohms (or maybe 8 ohms, not sure). It is an old amp, so it has no jack for external speakers, just a 1/4" male plug.

I was wondering if there is a good way to hook it up to my Valveking 212 speakers. The speakers are wired for 8 ohms and can each handle 75 watts.
The Valveking's speakers connect to the Valveking by a 1/4" male connector.

Could I use a 1/4" female to 1/4" female adapter, as shown in the following link?


My intuition tells me that this should work, but I'm not sure if the adapter can handle that kind of wattage.

I don't want to modify the Silvertone, as it is from the 60's and could be considered "vintage". The Valveking is my main amp, so I'd rather not change its configuration either.

Right now I just need a temporary fix so I can test the Silvertone. As soon as I get it running I'll buy a cabinet for it.

Thanks for any help or advice!