Just a standard ESP EC256, no mods or anything, no dents, no cracks, no nothing it's just a normal guitar that I'm bored of and I want a change. I'll put pictures up if theres any interest.

I'd love to swap for a Gibson Les Paul, I'll throw money in if it's a good'un etc, also interested in fender telecasters, but feel free to offer whatever you have going, I just want a change. I have a hardcase I can include to sweeten a deal, and make postage easier if needs be?

Hit me up!
Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm cambridge based, UK, but can post anywhere within the UK.
Yo, I have a Fender MIM Standard Telecaster in white. It's a 2003 model with locking tuners on it and a new bridge. Email me if you are interested NGibbs89@hotmail.com
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Fender Standard Telecaster
Peavey 6505+
Mesa 4x12 Slant Cab
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Replied! Also I would sell the ESP with a hardcase for 320 plus postage, otherwise just 320 if you can pick up!