Some people may know of Gibson's Hummingbird, which was a limited edition guitar produced a while back and is now worth a crap-ton. The Hummingbird
I recently came into possession of a knock-off of the Hummingbird that was made around the same time by Global musical instruments corp. Would this knock-off be worth anything do you think? I'd be selling it AS the knock-off, not as the hummingbird itself, that's just dishonorable. The rip-off is in decent quality, original strings and all, with some minor paint chipped off, nothing un-repairable. I can provide pictures if needed.
gibson is still making the hummingbird, actually, and the knockoffs don't tend to be worth much, although perhaps if there's something special about yours, it could be worth something.
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even an all-solid wood handmade awesome Hummingbird copy would only get about $300, or the cost of an Epiphone Hummingbird.
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