Recorded this at the uni studios and at home. Recording and mixing with real drums and real amps is really really hard.

Kick - Shure beta 52
Snare - sm57
Toms - senhieser 421
Overheads - AKG 414.

Bass: DI

Guitar: Randall RH150 - SM57

Vox: NT1a

into a pro tools hd system at uni and my 2ch lamda at home.

There is a tiny bit of slate in their with the raw drums on kick and snare. Nothing to obvious just to help with punch.

Have you posted this before, perhaps a demo version? Sounds super familiar.

Anyway, mix stuff:

I think the guitars sound pretty good, there's a bit of hum during the clean parts that I that I think makes the quality seem a bit lower than it really is, maybe DI + impulse for the clean parts? I think that'd make them a lot more lush and warm. Distorted tones sound pretty nice, maybe a bit quiet for my tastes. The bass is also pretty quiet.

The vocals sound really nice, not any serious critiques on them. They're probably the most polished sounding element right now, good job.

Drums are probably the weakest part of the mix; they sound almost unprocessed. I think the snare could stand to be a lot a bigger for a rock mix like this and I think the kick could probably got down a little bit, it also sounds pretty dull.

Overall not a bad job and I'm looking forward to hearing more!