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My parents are Metalheads
5 2%
They like it
38 17%
They are indifferent.
90 41%
They hate it
89 40%
Voters: 222.
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Because i remember back in 1990 when metal was everywhere when i was about 11 or so i listened to metal in the car and my parents never said anything,but it seems in 2010 when i put on some metal one of my parents said to put on country,which in my opinion sucks.

So do your parents like metal?
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My dad liked Ozzy a lot, and I expect he would have enjoyed prog metal bands since he was a huge fan of 70's prog rock.
My mom doesn't really like it, but my dad does
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My mom does to an extent, but my dad can't stand it.
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She likes some. She likes Iron Maiden, some 'Tallica and Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy, but mostly the softer stuff from those bands.
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I'm the only one in my family who listens to metal (and that's pretty much restricted to Iron Maiden, Godsmack, Dio, Motley Crue and Black Sabbath).My dad listens to country (not modern overproduced country, more like hillbilly country), blues, and Beastie Boys, my brother listens to modern country, and my mom listens to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Aerosmith.
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My dad says my preference in music is too repetitive. I listen to hard rock, some alternative, blues. He listens to old country. The three same chords for every song old country. Not that I dislike his music, I actually enjoy most of it. I just think its ironic he calls my music repetitive. Haha.
I love it, they don't. I don't really want to like the same music as my family... it feels good to be unique.
my dad doesn't like metal too much, but he likes stuff like Ozzy and Scorpions. my dad is more of a Rush kind of guy, he dislikes "growling" metal vocals.

however, i recently introduced him to Between the Buried and Me and he started liking them. go figure.

Rush and Btbam being my two favorite bands, i have no problem with this.
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Meh, my parents are coo' with metal. But some things shouldn't be made out of metal, like toilet seats. Those things would get really uncomfortable to sit on in winter. And I mean what if you spilled some water on the toilet seat and then sat on it? Sounds pretty painful. Metal is a pretty good material and my parents can appreciate it, but they also appreciate other materials, like plastics and wood. Infact, I think that plastics are better than metal. WTF?!? Why isn't that a voting option TS? I demand that you put in the option, "I think metal is coo', but plastic is better." I'll just pick the in-between option. The one everyone else votes for in every thread.
my dad likes Black Sabbath but that's about it. they don't hate it though, they're just kind of indifferent. but they don't like anything with harsh vocals. it actually took me years to convince my dad that people can actually make that sound without any effects. even after seeing my band play live he didn't believe it.
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My dad likes Iron Maiden but that's about it. My mom hates it.
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It depends. Mum doesn't like screaming or growling, but she's said good things about the more melodic/clean parts of bands like Periphery, BTBAM, etc.

Not sure what dad thinks of it. I know he's a huge fan of Prog Rock, he loves Pink Floyd, he's a huge Zappa fan, and he's largely responsible for me liking what I like today. He hasn't weighed in on Metal, though.
My mom doesn't like it. My dad can listen to it as long as it's musically interesting.
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Neither of my parents like it but if I want to show them a song I like they indulge me and attempt to listen to it.
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I love it, they don't. I don't really want to like the same music as my family... it feels good to be unique.

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My mom is into some 80's heavy metal (her favorite band is def leppard) and both of my parents can appreciate some prog metal like instrumental protest the hero, but they don't particularly care for it.
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They both like some of the stuff like Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Metallica, but I doubt either would like any metal from today.
Mom likes Guns n' Roses, Poison, Alice Cooper, and stuff like that.

Dad likes Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and things of that nature.

I love all of the above, and more.
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My mom hates even pop with some dirty vocals. She's more a Josh Groban kind of person.

My dad's extent is hard rock.
My mum loves Megadeth, Metallica, some Opeth and such

My dad does not.
My dad listens to Black Sabbath. He says he doesn't mind some of the stuff I listen to but he doesn't like the vocals. Mum doesn't like it
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