This is starting to piss me off. Everytime i do alternative picking my pick always get stuck at the string because my "up" picking is not as good as my "down" picking.

Same story with my upstrum it sounds like i've played guitar for the first time

Please Help Me!!!
make sure you are holding the pick at the right angle, as well as picking the guitar the correct way. it may also be a case of your grip and the amount of tension you place on your fingers.

on a side note, practice a lot of exercises that focus on alternate picking. paul gilbert has a bunch.
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Just practise more? Are you new to guitar? If you are then your problem isn't uncommon, just keep practising and you'll get there. Good luck.
Check and find a comfortable pick angle for yourself.
Then practice and repitition.
stop doing down strokes and only use upstrokes until you are at least exactly as good at upstrokes as down. it wont just improve your up strokes but also your alt picking and speed as well.
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at the correct angle? how?

or is it because my pick thickness is too hard or soft? i prefer thicker picks for some reason like 0.86 to 1.00mm

P.S i play guitar for 1 year if you guys wanna know