i was just wondering what everyones favourite or what they think is the best bass line they've heard, is, just to see if bassists actually thought a like

mine has got to be the one to mayor of simpleton by XTC. For a 'power-pop' song as my dad used to call them, the bass line is immense...

Some of the bass lines (of the more unnoticeable variety) can be found in Dinosaur Jr songs... Lou Barlow is the ****ing man!
Red Love White Magic by Love Machine.

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(Anaesthesia) Pulling Teeth. If that can't count because it's a bass solo, then Orion. Cliff Burton's lines are amazing. RIP
Probably The Real Me by The Who's John Entwistle.
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Its not really a bass LINE, but the intro to Carousel by Blink-182. Super fun to play. But, Only In Dreams - Weezer is pretty good too.
Spread Hope Like Fire

Angels and Airwaves

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