Anyone got some info on this thing?
found it on a dutch local sort of craigslist and im quite intressted in it, its on there for 250 Euros
rob flynn has a siggy baritone flying v coming out. looks pretty awesome.
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Not specifically that guitar - sorry. But I'm a BIG fan of Baritones in general, the a Danelectro Baritone is used by a good band I like "the f***ing tank" (try a Youtube Search), great throaty sound. Low notes without downtuning.

The trouble, as I guess you know, is paying over the odds for a specific guitar. After doing a search I couldn't find a match to see what the going price is for this - so don't know if E250 is a good price.

If in doubt, I always wait for a while, then offer him 200.

Have you tried a Baritone before?
no ive never tried one before, but i want to get one for playing like machine head kind of tunes and maybe incorporate it into my own music later down the road.
also i know of the Robb Flynn V comming out soon but i expect thats gonna be a bit above budget for me atm
why? is there a major diffrence with like 24/25 inch scale necks?