Been Playing For Less Than A Year And Im In Love I Practice Everyday And Can Play Mostly Based Off Tabs. I Want To Stop Thinking In Terms Of Sting And Fret And Start Thinking Chord And Power Chord Names As They Go Up The Neck. Having A Hard Time. Im A Bit Stupid. Whats The Best Way To Start Learning Names (sites,books,dvd's Etc) Hep I Dont Want To Be Outta The Loop Forever. Thanks
I remember I used to tell my friends. On the 6th string The first fret is an F 3rd G 5th A. I used to tell them. Pretend your spelling fag (sorry if I offend anyone). You gotta get all the letters first. Go up F G A down A G F Then spell the word 1st fret F 5th fret A 3rd fret G. It may not work for everyone, but it did work for me. Good luck
(!) = flat (symbols wrong, but you get the idea) / (#) = sharp

A, B!, B, C, D!, D, E!, E, F, F#, G, A!, A, and keeps repeating throughout. So the way i remember other than memorizing the sequence is:

- fret an open E chord (022100) and barre the nut. Its essentially the same for barre or power chords. in this position move up one fret, thus your barred nut becomes barred 1st fret. This is an F chord. move one more and you are at F# and so on as per the above sequence. When you get to 12th fret (Barred) you are back @ E again and just repeat as you move up further.

This works with open A chord or Am and same thing. Barre the nut. Move one fret and follow the above sequence. Try playing open A with your third finger only, barring the typical open A strings.

it might take a bit to figure out but will get easier the more you do it and in no time you will just know where a chord is. THis works with chords on the high strings but remember B string moves everrything up by one fret on that string so youll have to play around with those a bit but follows the same sequence as you move up the neck. for instance a form a D chord and the next in line will be a E! and so on.

If you want to understand better where a chord gets its name from look up "Root Notes" and read a bit of theory.