Hey, got another song here I'm hoping to get heard, I actually do this one with my band and to be honest, no one really digs it, but we do so we don't really care.

This version is a bit different since my band is electric guitar/bass/drums and this is just acoustic, but anyway..

It's called Empty Vessels and it's here: http://www.reverbnation.com/the2029

C4C of course!
i like in the intro how its almost like the guitars are responding to each other, or at least thats how i heard it. the vocals almost give a haunting feeling. the chorus is the high point in the song for me, i really like the low voice in it but by the third one i wasnt too keen on the higher one. i do like the harmonies though. the song starts slow and steadily builds from there which is a structure i dig, nice and organized.

Wow the acoustic sounds really good. I also love the vocals. Well the low vocals at the front at least. Maybe if you try panning acoustic on both sides it would have more of a punch. Nice song