hi guys. I'm looking for Pantera's Rex Brown sound on The Art Of Shredding song at the beginning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXGKJxKj0WM . I know that Rex used EMG's and Dean Markley strings with pick, but do you guys know what i need to set for my amp head to get that awsum sound ?
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guessing you've wiki'd his rig but if not heres shit stuff from over the years
sometimes you can only get a sound from specific bass/pickup/amp combos

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Pretty generic tone really; humbuckers, a pick, new roundwounds, scooped mids and blended with an overdriven bassy signal.
^ good call on the roundwounds. between that and the humbucker i think those are the only 2 things shaping this tone haha everything else can be done with a 2-band eq lol. good ish ziphoblat
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