We are a four piece rock band from Sweden and we play experimental/alternative rock with some post-rock and post-hardcore influences. We have just recorded a four-track demo and so far we've uploaded two of those tracks, "Celeste" and "Romulus". The whole demo will be avaible for download in a couple of weeks, with some extra material..

Check out our music at http://whilegiantssleep.bandcamp.com or "like" us on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/whilegiantssleep to stay tuned.

Thank you for your attention, take care.

/While Giants Sleep
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Romulus is a very solid track, well put together, but I was less enthusiastic about Celeste although that's probably personal taste. Good job!

EDIT: the fb page you posted doesn't seem to be working for me, you might want to double check it

EDIT2 it's the double s between giants and sleep
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Wow, thanks a lot for the feedback, very appreciated!

EDIT: fixed, thank you for noticing.
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Sure, no problem!

We awoke from the ashes that gave birth to our world.
Starting out, we were nothing but particles.
Particles that then decided to grow and in time we grew to call ourselves human beings.
But now we’ve outgrown that role and there is nothing human about us at all.
We learned to appreciate power, until we craved it.
But know this: others will come and take what we stole from those who came before us.
And this will continue as long as that burning heart of ash keeps beating.
This thievery is what we are and what we’ll always be. Until the end of time.
We live on borrowed time and still we fight it.
But our demise is truly inevitable.

(it was too long for a personal message..)
I really like the music, awesome stuff. Definitely love the post-hardcore influences!

The album art looks great as well. Best of luck =)
Excellent stuff right there!

Wyatt Earp...LOVE the title
I also love the dirty tone you have going for the heavy bits. Great vocals and instrumentation as well! You have a unique sound...lots of potential!
I'm going to keep an eye out for more stuff from you guys and I'm listening to your other tracks now.

I have some post rock / ambient stuff myself...have a listen?
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