Hey, first off I'd just like to say I've never used the forums before, so sorry if there's another topic like this around (I checked the first couple of pages, didn't see anything) or if I'm posting this on the wrong board.

I submitted a Guitar Pro file for a song from Megaman 9 this morning and it's been rejected, but with no reason given. Is there any way I can find out what was wrong with the file? I don't think it's a copyright issue or anything like that, there's plenty of Megaman tabs on the site.

Thanks in advance.
Probably just what you said, there are plenty on this site. Maybe multiple copies of the one you uploaded. Or maybe it was incorrect.
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I don't think it's a multiple copies issue, I searched under a few different terms and couldn't find anything, Guitar Pro or otherwise. And it's not perfect but it's definitely mostly accurate, thank you anyway though.
I’ve been there done that, it would be nice to receive an explanation for rejection…I imagine that too many submissions are forwarded and that it is not possible.
Yeah I guess they must get pretty swamped, it would be nice to able to resubmit though.