I just saw them on friday. The singer tried to fight some guy who threw beer at him. All around good show
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I think I saw their album up for sale on the Adult Swim site...
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I just saw a commercial... for their album... on television.

I thought it was gonna be an ad for some hip beverage or something.
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I think I saw their album up for sale on the Adult Swim site...

yup, just saw them on an adult swim commercial. not, bad. seems like they're bad brains worshipers though, currently touring w/ HR
just saw it too on adult swim. excellent commercial/video/song. caught my attention from the computer.
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just saw it too on adult swim. excellent commercial/video/song. caught my attention from the computer.

i as well.
Based on the name alone I would have guessed they were one of those bands from the South that only put out cassettes. Those guys always have horrible names.
Adult swim got me here. I liked it a lot overall.
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Somebody told me to check em out, i liked em alright, but think they sound like a wanna be Suicidal Tendencies and that kinda kills em for me. If I wanna listen to something that sounds like ST, I will just listen to ST. But for what they are, they are passable.
The background: There were only four tracks on Cerebral Ballzy's MySpace so we tried to find more stuff on Spotify, the only problem being that if you type their name into that site, it comes back with an alternate suggestion: Celebrate Ballad. They're not big on slow love songs, are Cerebral Ballzy. Their name suggests they're going to be tough but intelligent – super-smart metal, perhaps. But that punning name – and maybe we're paying it too much attention – also has a sort of comedic quality, hinting that they're to be taken less than seriously.
bump i guess. saw a music video of theirs on Adult Swim a few times over the past few weeks. "I'm a Junkie For Her" it was ok, but i'm still not really impressed by them, they're not that great. I thought that "Don't Tell Me What to Do" song was better. the only reason this newer one caught my attention was because it featured some good looking chicks beating the shit out of the singer, then near the end the rest of the band all start simultaneously puking
My friend showed me this band a few days ago, I can't stand them. They're generic even from a punk standpoint.
They sound like they're trying to be angry when they aren't.
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I think they're pretty good. The one thing I don't like is that the singer does vocals that sound like that sort of telephone style vocals, I'm not a fan of that anywhere unless it's the guy from the Strokes doing it.

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I actually bought their album, and it's moderately enjoyable, if you can dig songs that run about 1:00 to 1:30 each. Its fast, with tons of energy.....generic yes, but it still makes me wanna move.
They aren't the most original band but they're very fun to listen to. I picked up their album last week and I wasn't disappointed.
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****ing love these! I think there was a Trash Talk interview early last year, where they mentioned these guys on the radio. I checked them out, and ending up seeing them at a festival that year and this, even ended up chatting to them.

Going to see them again, supporting King Blues of all people, in a month or so. Stoked.