Hey UG ! I found this guitar on ebay that looks rather interesting, only problem is I can't figure out what it is. The auction title says it's a custom guitar and that it has a schaller rose trem. Furthermore in one of the pics you can see that the neckplate is engraved with the word LAG and number 04066, only I can't find any LAG that looks remotly close to it.

Is this a real (custom) LAG ? or is it just some parts put together by the seller ?

Here are the specs listed in the auction for those who don't speak German

- quilted maple solid body, bookmatched, seethru finish, 2x cutaway
- gold locking nut, gold Schaller locking tuners
- Rosewood fingerboard with 22 Jumbo frets, mother of pearl dot inlays
- 3pickups - neck: Schaller single coil V 4/91-2, middle: Schaller V 1/91-2, bridge: Di Marzio Humbucker
- 1 volume, 1 5-way switch
- gold Schaller / Floyd Rose Tremolo
- 2x Schaller security locks in gold
i dunno- maybe email Lag to see if it's an older model?
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pretty f sure its legit, saw a ngd here a few weeks ago for a similar LAG, same body shape and paint anyways

edit: come to think of it, it may not have been a lag though. probably wasnt in fact.
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Look at the trem more closely. Where's the routing?!


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Look at the trem more closely. Where's the routing?!

Your right, well that looks a bit weird. I mailed Lag about the guitar, hopefully they respond in time.
20 bids and almost 4 days still left?

The price is going to go up (and probably lots)
Still, with Schaller and DiMarzio all over it it's probably worth a lot too!!!
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Quote by Woffelz
Look at the trem more closely. Where's the routing?!

that's what i was looking at. it seems like the action is high in the pic, and that would explain it.

it's nice woods and all. i bet the auction goes up considerably even with the bridge on the whampus.
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