yesterday my guitar cable went dead along with some output issues in my Epiphone les paul.
theres no output at all when i switch to the neck pick up. and very low or sometimes none at all when i toggle my pickup selector in the middle. but the bridge pick up works fine sometimes but other times no output just like neck one. i havent tweaked with the wiring anything and my amp works fine too. i changed the guitar cable but nothing is working. what i am afraid is that the place where i live in doesnt have any guitar technicians so ive to do everthing by myself. can you guys plz suggest me whats wrong and help to fix the prb ..
This should've been posted in the Electric Guitar sub-forum, not in Musician Talk.

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Your pickup selector might be corroded on the inside. Sometimes flicking it back and forth a bunch of times can help you regain output on the neck pickup. Sure, you're not likely to get rid of the problem permanently, but at least you'll know what the problem is (if this is indeed the case you'll just have to take the switch out and scrape off the rust, and then perhaps oil it up, I dunno)

If the toggle thing doesn't work you could be dealing with a loose wire or something. Before you start taking out pickups you might wanna look into wiring and soldering first (don't forget to write down how exactly what wire goes where, or you might end up clueless)

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i cleaned the toggle switch but it didnt work. also i figured out just now that if i put the volume knob on suppose 8 or 7 then i get sound from the bridge+neck but not when the volume is all the way up. but this doesnt work with the neck one. the neck is a goner ! but so far the rhythm pups work fine, not having any issues with it.

and sry for posting on musician talk .. it was careless.