Hey, this is my first post so sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever.


Came up with this while experimenting about. Probably for an opening riff of a song, could be used in a chorus. Not sure on where to go from here, really. What do you think?
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hey LGuitar try to download a program called Tux Guitar it is a free program very similar mostly based of guitar pro ( in some ways even better) you can export files as any kind of guitar pro file or midi and likewise you open them check it out it will help you write and if you want to share people will be able to help because tabing in text is just a mess :P goodluck!
Wide post is wide.

I'm pretty sure this is what he is playing.

By the way, you should get TuxGuitar. It's a free version of Guitar Pro essentially that can also read PowerTab files. Though there are some issues between TuxGuitar and Guitar Pro, it can still be a nice substitute. http://tuxguitar.herac.com.ar/

It's no fun reading ASCII tabs, and you don't know how they sound until you actually play them, which for a riff like this is okay, but something messed up and it ended up like that.
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Yeah, that's pretty much it. I downloaded TuxGuitar in the end, no real point in tabbing it out again. I may change the strumming pattern of it though. Any good?
Going off of Champayne's file, I think it sounds good. It uses some different chords, just add two more bars to it and you have a decent intro.

here it is if anyone wants to play it. Cant be bothered putting it on to gp but I found the last chord a bit off dude.