Hey everyone I feel like when it comes to music you can never have enough gear and other toys so I was just wondering what everyones favorites are. Most useful, best quality, etc....Mine might be my strap locks (makes untwisting so much easier) or the first midi controller I ever got, it doesnt even have a brand but it opened me up to creating my first forms of music.
Does my rp355 count as an accessory?
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Curly cables.
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Please define & set the parmeters of what exactly is an accessory.
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This thread reminds me of a vid I saw on youtube about Paul Gilbert's gear.

"What's the one pedal you can't live without in your pedalboard?" - Interviewer

"Oh the tuner." - Paul

Seriously tho, tuner. As much as I can tune by ear, I'm an OC person and tend to get pissed off when it sounds even just a bit off.
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i have one of those ernie ball electric string winders. i love the damn thing. i just don't know where it is anymore, and restringing sucks now
Accessory... That could be alot. I'd say my picks and then the strap. Would an amp be an accessory?
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Strings. you can't play a guitar without strings...
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My pedalboard (not the pedals, the board)

I've just recenently reduced my pedalboard to only 5 pedals, but it'd be a pain to not have a board to carry them on.
the door to my music room......it keeps kids out.

(thats an accessory.....right?)
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tough call;

I'd have to go with my planet waves locking strap.
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I have a little D'addario pick carrier that I keep on my keys, so I always have a pick on me. And I also never lose my Jazz III's now...
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