Hey y'all. I am currently thinking about trading in my Gibson Hummingbird Pro for a new guitar...maybe a new amp/pedals. I play at my church and currently play a 2011 Am. Standard Strat through a Kustom Double Barrel, which I actually like quite a bit. The other portion of my time playing is through my RP355 direct into our system...so that makes me want an amp a little less. I was wanting to get something to compliment my Strat tones, and a Gibson SG Standard has been what im GASin for...but I figured I would make a topic about it...never hurts for some extra input.
The Gibson SG would do well to compliment that Strat tone. It's a dark sounding instrument which mixes excellently with the bright, cutting tones of the Strat. My recommendation is to get the Gibson SG FADED, which is a few hundred dollars less than the standard. The finish is unlike the glossier ones on the Standards, due to the fact that they use less layers of nitro on it (or so I've heard. You might want a pickup change for the Faded SG, and, if it bothers you, the Faded SG's fretboard has the dot inlays instead of the block inlays. I'm sure Guitar Center or other Gibson dealers have them in stock all the time.
As for the Les Paul Studio, I've never played one, but the Faded versions without the maple top seem a lot like the SG to me. Hope this helps!
You should take the time to find an LP and an SG that you can borrow for a day or two and play a long session. I find the LP much less comfortable than a strat. I didnt notice it in the store, only after playing for an extended period at home. The discomfort was enough to motivate me to cut a chunk off the un-suspecting Epi. Don't worry, he seems to have recovered from the injury. The SG fits better, but still not as snuggly as a strat. My sg clone is quite light, which some people prefer, and you might notice that difference too. SG looks way more awesome than an LP.

I ran camera in our church for a while. If your church does that, you should ask them what colours mess with their production. I hated anything white (like a nice shirt!) because it floods the contrast. Everything looses colour and gets dark shadows (raccoon eyes). If a high gloss finish catches a spot light it does the same thing.
Ibanez also has some good guitars. If you're not into the "metal" aesthetic, they have the "artcore" series featuring semi-hollowbody and full-hollowbody guitars. Mmmmm.