I personally use no picks or forms of them. Nothing but my thumb and fingers. I find its easier for me to get my thumb in between the strings and I can get the speed just fine.Wondering if anyone else does this and if I should keep this up.
Every classical guitarist plays fingerstlye. Also bluegrass, banjo, and tons other. It's not uncommon.
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Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac plays with his fingers only and he is awesome! If it feels comfortable and doesn't mess up your playing then yeah keep it up! plus it will set you apart from most other players.
i too prefer to use fingers than plectrums/pics i'm not a fan of the tinny sort of initial sound the plectrum gives off.
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do you use a classical guitar? If so then It's perfectly normal
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I never use a pick when playing fingerstyle. Hence the name FINGERstyle
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I think Jeff Beck plays with his fingers too, just sayin'

On guitar I only use my fingers when doing clean arpeggios and the such - playing high gain songs by fingerpicking is something I haven't seen yet
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Hahaha well I do play on electric and i've been playing avidly for a little over a year now and used nothing but my fingers... It's odd but I think with high gain I sound "cleaner" with fingers than with a pick :P
I play heavier high gain stuff for the most part and, before I got into picks, I used the nail on my index finger. It's no wonder I wouldn't dare rip a solo back then. It hurt like a bitch!
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I am mostly a bass player though...fingers just feels more natural even on guitar.
When playing actual songs on my electric, I don't use my fingers. I think the tone sounds too bassy.
I think Robbie Kreiger from The Doors is a fingerstyle player too...or at least primarily so...
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