This was the result of an experiment towards getting the synthy almost 80s sound of groups like MGMT, Passion Pit, etc

Overuse of reverb is deliberate for anyone not familiar with the style.

I'm generally a guitar oriented performer but I thought I'd try this kinda style just to prove I could with zero presets etc

Let me know what you think! C4C as always

This is a really good track, the synth sounds you got here are great. The drum rhythm is really nice, it keeps the song moving along, but the best part is the chord being played with what sounds like a heavy chorus effect. Speaking of choruses the one here is great, I love the use of falsetto in it. The only thing that I think you could change about it is maybe as a bridge or something like that, you could drop to just vocals, bass, and drums, using the verse chords and melody. This is actually my favorite song I've seen on this forum. Good job with it!


Wow an intro made of confetti and flying musical ideas, now we are JUST STRAIGHTLY GROOVING WOW! = }

NICE vocals, nicely in PITCH , people often really like that! The tone and production on the vocals is nice though to MY PERSONAL TASTE they maybe could be either a little louder, or made some room for . THE MAIN WAH WAH sounding instrument seems to be too CENTRAL IN THE MIX, maybe. WHO KNOWS!

Either way it's a very EXCELLENT song that could bring smiles to many! Please break things down for the bridge though!

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this definitely reminds me of the 80's sound. I could definitely hear it being on the radio back then lol.

Only thing i would change is to have the vocals slightly more present in the mix. Sometimes it's hard to understand.

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This is superb.

I know what rich2k4 means about the vocals, BUT, it does seem like the current trend is more and more towards MBV-era sound in that respect...i.e. vocals very very low in the mix. (People are also putting ridiculous amounts of echo in guitar-driven indie music nowadays, which is also like MBV, but that's another story).

My only complaint is that it sounds EXACTLY like a Passion Pit track, up until the really nice, original chords which come along near the 3 minute mark. That's only a minor thing though and I can't see it putting too many people off.

In fact I don't think it's a problem at all because hardly anyone sounds 100% original, and those that do aren't always worthwhile.

Excellent work!

Here's one of my own pieces from my YT channel by the way, if you fancy taking a look at it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGykeuRQjqg

Edit: I hope none of this sounds cynical or sarcastic (it looks slightly that way in hindsight) - it genuinely is a very, very good song
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