I actually only remember the melody of the chorus line, so i wrote a midi file and attached it to musipedia, where you can also find other info about the song

here's the link: http://www.musipedia.org/forum.html?&cat_uid=1&conf_uid=1&thread_uid=1369&view=single_thread

you'll find the midi below at the attachments

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
unknown song.mid
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close to the theme but it's not it, thanks thou
the piano in the midi file resembles what the female singer sings in the chorus
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I win, I know the song.



Great song

To TS;

Do you know which era it's from? It sounds 90's like.

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it could be from the 90's, but i think it's probably somwhere after 2000. As I said on musipedia, the video happens on a beach, where the rapper does the verses, then it shows the girl singinf the chorus (i think she is shown beside a glass wall with water running down from it). Also the scenes on the beach have people playing volleyball and driving water scooters.
the thread has a lot of views but little responses, which means that the song will be hard to find...