Ibanez Iceman IC-300 I picked up a few years ago. It has chrome DiMarzio Tone Zone in the neck and a chrome DiMarzio Breed in the bridge, (both worth about $150 a piece). Also has some Paul Stanely iceman parts applied to it. Has minor knicks in various areas, overall nothing bad though.
Comes with chrome straplocks and a hardcase. I can sell separate from the hardcase if you're buying locally (Kansas City area).

I'll sell for best offer.

Heres my tradelist :

Peavey 5150 (Head)
Peavey 6505 (Head)
A Good Cab
A decent 8 string guitar.
Drum Gear (Kicks, Double Bass Pedals, Snares, Cymbals, etc.)

Email me, or text me at (816)-590-0824