Here's an acoustic song, finished I think

I had a strange day today
as I went out on my own
rain storm hanging in the clouds
and on the telephone

the shops were all shut and boarded up
the trees scowled into the wind
I walked down that familiar street
and something wasn't the same

I had a strange day yesterday
went for a walk by the sea
ten miles on I was home again
the distance caught up with me

and suddenly a hole appeared in my shoe
my tie had come undone
my scarf unravelled and fell to the ground
and I hurried indoors to hide

I'll have a strange day tomorrow
go down to catch the sun
and if anybody talks to me
I'll say I'm on the run

I'll think of the future and what's to come
sleep well every night
I won't waste any more money or time
I'll try and do what's right
I liked the first five stanzas and loathed the last. It almost felt like Big Star, which isn't a bad thing; however, it's a stark contradiction of the second-best conceit in the piece (the previous stanza is the best one). Also, I want a chorus.

Huh, you're right, it does sort of contradict it. MAybe I will do something with it, I'll think about it. I'm not sure a chorus fits, the 'hook' of the song is in the 'I had a strange day' line, a chorus would feel quite contrived maybe. Thanks man