Well, i'm an electric player, who wants an acoustic!
and i don't have much to spend. ($100-150)
but, anyways
i was looking through my local craigslist and i found a Jasmine By Takamine S35.
and i looked around and saw it was a solid beginner guitar.
but, the seller of this guitar is a guitar technician, he says he leveled the neck and frets,
crowned, sanded and polished the frets. And installed a new Bone nut and strings. The plastic is still on the pick guard.
Some of the reviews of this guitar said it comes in a pretty bad shape, but this guy's fixed it up.
All this for a hundred bucks.
But the thing i worried about is since, he's done work the warranty has been void right?
Of course i'm going to try his guitar, but would this fixed up guitar, be better than an in box one?

thank you!
the warranty would probably be void, but you never know.

i find it hard to believe that a qualified tech would do all that work for $100, or would have a jasmine at all. i'd suggest checking the guitar over, and checking his work very carefully.
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You know what they say.. if it seems too good to be true..

You said you priced it out for $100-150 new.

Why would he have a new guitar (plastic still on it), work on it, and then sell it at the low end? He's not making money or anything.. that seems to make no sense.

I would probably keep looking. It's always better to find someone who isn't trying to hide a flaw in the piece. But regardless, the best way to choose is always to go have a look for yourself.

Anyway, welcome to the world of acoustics, and best of luck!
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If I'm buying a guitar for $100, I would not worry about a warranty.