Is it weird that I'm fapping to the red quilted maple finish?

Anyway, they are supposed to be a halfway house for between regular RGs and Prestiges, I think.


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It seems like a nice idea, but I can just get a used Prestige for less than the cost of a new Premium... Plus I'm pretty sure they're made in Indonesia. "Premium" factory or not, that's a lot of money for an Indonesian-made guitar.
well they come with the new ibanez bridge the edge zero 2 with zero point system i think
anyway pac_man0123 is right you could get a used prestige or just buy some nice pickups to and put them to a rg and would be cheapper than the premium. anyway i want to try them, ibanez make the best necks, i want to feel the neck on the premium.
Quote by Highelf04
I swear some like the Ibanez RG1570 are cheaper....and they're prestige

They were... like 3 years ago. Ibanez upped the price of the Prestige models a couple times over the last few years.

Also I'm pretty sure the Premium necks are supposed to be built with the same dimensions as the Wizard Prestige.
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