will GC ship used gear to a nearby store for me to try free of charge? I want to try out a used carvin x100b but its in michigan...
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Yes. I've bought plenty and its always reasonable shipping costs. Ive ordered from MA, MO, AZ, NM and OH.

EDIT: Oh you mean to try. I doubt it. But if you buy it and theres a problem, go to your store for a full refund
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They can ship it to you, and they have a 30 day return policy on used gear. Once I brought back a Highway One strat I bought and the employee asked why I was returning it and I said it just wasn't for me and it was no problem.
They won't ship to your local store free of cost. Even if you pay for it on the phone. You have to pay to get it shipped to either your local GC, or your doorstep for a charge. Cost 5 bucks for my A/B, 10 bucks for my 10 band eq, and 60 for my cab. Some places are really reasonable though. I know of one store in NY that ships guitars from their place to like Texas for only 10 bucks.

Kind of sucks otherwise if you just want to try it out
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