I didn´t know how to put a good title but this thread is about the things you´ve "captured" or found during concerts. I am referring mostly to things that you have been thrown from the artists them self, like picks, drumsticks, etc...

I just caught a Synyster Gates guitar pick last friday :3

But it´s nothing special...

So, what have you caught over the years? and please, anything is interesting. I am more interested in the weird unortodox things you have found.
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I've got guitar picks from:
- Kerry King (Slayer)
- Anders Bjorler (The Haunted)
- Michael Amott (Arch Enemy)

Setlist from Arch Enemy at HMV Forum last year

And a bottle of water thrown by the Dragonforce singer during their set on The Black Crusade it was very hot, i needed it
I got a grim reaper Halloween costume glove from Ronnie winter from RJA a few years back. It flew off, no one noticed. They were sweeping the floors after the show and I saw it and grabbed it. Got him to sign it, but he totally blew me off for some chick.

Got literally spat on by Oh, Sleeper. He was clearing his throat... on my face. Lol

Multiple drum sticks from every local band in MD.
Got the clap once.
Mark Arm, the singer for Mudhoney, spilled a beer on my shoe once.
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Money beats soul...every time.

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I got a some stuff from one of Psychostick's shows. (drumstick, setlist) but other than that I havn't had much luck with catching stuff.

I'm almost always in a mosh pit though so that's probably why.
Steven Adler passed me his drumstick after a show. Literally handed it to me. Awesome. Also got one Oli Brown's bumblebee picks... but I know him so I guess that doesn't count?
I got the lead guitarist's pick from Dirge Within and I got a pick Paolo from Trivium threw.

I used that pick /\ /\ /\ for a long time before I lost it. I never knew the band before that night and still don't really listen to them but they put on a good show. The Trivium pick I haven't used at all but I still have it. It kinda sucked and has pot resin on it now, maybe had it actually been used it would have more value to me. Except for the design on it (Rising Sun) I could just go grab any pick and have someone else throw it and it would pretty much be the same to me.
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Picks: Chris Babbit's (Taking Dawn and Satchel's (Steel Panther).
Also got some of Lexxxi's (Steel Panther Bassist) jewellery.
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My first concert was Everclear in 6th grade and they picked a bunch of people to go up on stage for a song. Since I was the youngest person (12 or 13) in the front row I got picked and while I was up on stage in front of thousands of people I started picking up used picks. I was such a f*cking grommet.
Guitar picks:
Lamb of God (Mark Morton)
3 Inches of Blood
Lazarus A.D.
Judas Priest
All that Remains

All That Remains

All That Remains

Randy Blythe also threw a cup of green tea at the crowd in which I caught. I also met him afterward. I know there's more, that's just what I remember...
Although I didn't catch it, I have Jona Weinhofen's guitar pick from Bring Me The Horizon. I watched it fall but couldn't reach so I picked it up when I found it.
I caught a pick from All Time Low, gave it to my girlfriend who then broke up with me later that night.

I caught a drum stick from escape the fate, but gave it to a random girl near me, didn't even thank me.

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Pick from James Hetfield a couple of years back. That's it, though.
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I have two guitar picks, one from Zacky Vengeance from A7X and one from slash whilst he was touring his solo album, I got the setlist from a Dragonforce tour (ultrabeatdown). Mike shinodas autograph, and I went backstage at the Red Jumpsuit apparatus for drinks and photos.

I play rugby with a guy who works for a promoting company out here and he just has cool shit pouring out of his ears, he has photos with lamb of god, been drinking with Tommy lee, couple of months back he met and got signatures from Iron maiden, picked up trent reznor at the airport, met Slayer and dream theatre plus he got KK's pick and a ton of other shit. one day i hope he will call up and say "hey we need an extra pair of hands, you free? " just so i can meet these people lol
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I caught Mike Portnoty's drum skin.
I've also got an autograph from Satchel and Lexxi.
Hoping to get a pick/autograph from the Darkness in November
I haven't been to any shows yet, but Im going to an Animals as Leaders show in August and may get in on a group lesson with Tosin, the lesson isn't set in stone but I responded (in e-mail) within 10 minutes of the Facebook post, so there's a chance I might get in on it.
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Just a question, how do you go about getting setlists?
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And I have one of Dan Hawkin's (Darkness/ Stone Gods) Picks..

SO FCUKING JEALOUS! I love that man!

For me, the most noteworthy would be Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy. Seen them twice and each time I got his pick!
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Just a question, how do you go about getting setlists?

Basically, at the end of the gig. Stay around at the front and hassle the **** out of the security and roadies for the setlists and left over picks. They usually throw them to people anyway. Basically, be a cunt.
Arctic Monkeys Setlist
Matt Helders (Bass for AM) Pick
Nathan Williams (wavves) Beer

My good friend caught Joey Castillo's drum stick during a Queens of the Stone Age Show. best grab.

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I met Warren Haynes after a Gov't Mule show and he was cool enough to sign a poster for me. He was very cool and approachable.

Here's the poster:

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