Hello everybody, a while ago I bought an Epi Sheraton II (used) and dropped a classic 57/57+ combination into the pickups, I liked the sound, but I always thought it was a little dark and muddy/muffled (and it distorts too easily, maybe too high output?). I recently found out about the SeymourDuncan Phat Cat humbucker-sized P90s:


Does anyone have any experience with those in terms of clarity? Is it more like a single coil or humbucker? And most importantly, how noticeable is the 60Hz hum? I looked it up on youtube and I can't really notice the hum, but it might just be that the microphone isn't sensitive enough. I play a lot of clean bluesy stuff (guitar-compressor-amp) and so the hum can get really annoying, especially with bad lighting electronics around... thanks!

PS: any other humbuckers that might be worth looking into? Maybe something like a P90 but with some sort of humcancelling? I've tried SD Jazz pickups (very clear but lacked highs and lows) and the Gibson P94s (hum was too much). Price is open if it'll get me the sound I want...
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