Okay guys, i followed this diagram, as accurately as possible,
Apart from the fact the unit frees up both tone pots,
now, the tone pots dont work, ( maybe due to the unit ground shorting them or something.
and the Overdrive section of the switches dont work, the treble boost works fine, as does my killswitch and pickup 1+3 switch.
the trim pot has been tried dimed both ways, to see if it was that, no dice.

any ideas?
hey Mint! thanks for replying, you will have to excuse the wiring, its a mess, but everything works apart from the Gain section, there is what looks to be a nick in the board, ill post a pic of that. and of the wiring. the wires involved on the actual unit are 3x blue and one battery red coming in, the rest is fine.
sorry for the bad quaility,

none of the wires are crossing