Couple of pedals for sale

- Postage is included
- Box and manual included

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI (USA) - £40

MXR 10 band eq -£70

Blackstar HT DISTX - £90

Open to offers
would you be up for trading the eq for a brand new Boss Tu-3 tuner?
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Would you be willing to trade a BOSS DN-2 and DS-1 for the Blackstar or the EQ?
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Might be able to do something for the blackstar, not interested in the ds-1, but the dn-2 intrigues me, could you add any cash to the deal.
Would you be interested in a hush-modded Boss GE7 in a trade of some sort for the MXR?
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where are you based?

Interested in Muff-mine just died on me
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Might be interested in the Blackstar. If you still have it by next week then I'll be seriously interested
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