I give you an "A" for effort, however... and I mean this with the utmost of respect... Your audio is really bad. The level was so low, that I really had to crank up the volume on my speakers. I also had a hard time recognizing the song. I'm a big Petty fan, but I didn't even recognize the song until your vocals came in. The vocals... Another "A" for effort here, but you're very, very pitchy. Your singing was way off key. Also caught a couple of playing mistakes. Mistakes happen, but it's best to redo the recording and get it absolutely perfect if you plan to post for us to listen and rate it.

Again, please don't take my comments the wrong way. My comments are only meant to be constructive and help another guitar player.

Best of luck!
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Recording at that standard of audio quality won't get you enough views to make it worthwhile IMo, if you seriously want to YouTube shizznit on a regular basis it'd probably be worth investing in some recording equipment.