I don't know if this is the right place to ask but in a couple of weeks I am going to visit my little brother and he is also a member of this website. If I sign in on his computer I don't want UG to think I have another account since I have got into trouble with that before nor do I want him to get into trouble. But I get on here everyday not sure he does but I know I will want to get on here while I am at his house. Is this okay or should I not bother getting on here while I am at his house? Thanks
If you've both had your accounts for quite a long time and have histories (which you will) at signing in from different IP adresses for the the time you've had your accounts it'll be fine. If you've been signing in from your house for the past few years, and he's been signing in from his house for the past few years, it's pretty obvious you don't have two accounts, other wise no body would be able to sign anywhere else that anyone else has signed in.
I sign in from my school's internet and there's got to be others at my school that have accounts so it should be fine.
As long as you're signing in with the same account credentials, I don't see what the problem is. I think their beef is when you have two (or more) user names. That would create an issue.