Hey Pit!

A friend of mine is a part of an online art competition that needs voters and I'd be grateful if you guys could help. It's just a two clicks away (mouse clicks...not naval clicks). :P

It's entry G in this competition!


Thank you if you vote!
UG's Batman


Batman doesn't need Christmas to wear his Santa hat.
the rory gallagher one is just amazing, sorry man but B should win.
Sorry but all of us are going to vote for Rory Gallagher.
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b should win. i voted g none the less, even though anthropomorphic animals freak the shit out of me.
How the hell is 'J' art? It just looks like screencaps of those online sex chat sites

Anyway, didn't vote for any of them, because that's how I roll.

and not anything to do with the fact that I disliked all of them >_>