Price- $80.00+$10.00 for shipping costs. Will ship out of North Dakota, USA. Sorry, no international orders

As you may have noticed, I am clearly not a seasoned viewer of this forum. That is kind of why I am selling this guitar. I love the sound and history of the guitar but don't assess the patience to master it quite yet, maybe someday soon.

I purchased this guitar from a friend about 3 years ago hoping one day that I would be able to play it. Now I would like to pass it off to someone who wants to make awesome music of their own. I do not know much about the details of the guitar like what year it was made, but if you have any questions I will try and answer them the best I can.

Not in bad shape at all for being a used guitar with two owners. I rarely played it at all. Maybe a total of 20 times give or take. It will probably need new strings because I have not changed them since I bought the guitar. There are very few, if any, scratches or "rubbing". The picture shown is obviously not the actual guitar and I have only a web cam to take a picture of it with but if you would like a real-life photo I could certainly do that for you. The paint job is the same as the photo though.

: It comes with its own guitar strap and I also am willing to sell a VERY used starter amp for $5.00 added on the final selling price. It has a place for a whammy bar but the one that it came with cannot be found. Has a volume knob and tone knob.

This is a very sharp-looking guitar and sounds great. I'm fairly certain that it is the same (or close too) the guitar that comes in the "Ibanez Electric Guitar Jumpstart Starter Set GRX40JC". The actual sticker on the back of the neck identifies it as a "GRX40JC" but I think the JC means that it was part of the starter kit originally. Can anyone clear this up or confirm this?