So I've gotten pretty good a circle picking on one string, but I still seem to have trouble doing it on several strings. I'm not very sure if I'm not pulling the technique off correctly or if I simply need practice, but can someone give an explanation or point me in the direction of a good video?
I assume you're talking about the Eric Johnson style thing?

It's probably not the best picking technique since if you look at Gilbert, petrucci, or any of the "best" players, they aren't circle picking.

On YouTube freepower has a video under the username freepowerug about picking that I would recommend watching.
String crossing is the hard part of picking, you just have to drill it as much as possible. I find it helpful to do stuff where you alternate pick through one-note-per-string lines, like arpeggio sequences or the like.

And personally I don't think circle picking is a particularly good picking technique, never mind the best one.

This is a decently detailed vid on picking mechanics - www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkeyHyIgqvY
I really don't understand why people always bring up Eric Johnson wehn circle picking is being discussed. I mean sure, he does mention it very briefly on Total Electric Guitar, but if you really look at his picking hand when he's doing his fastest, most intricate lines, he's not circle picking. He's almost always strictly alternate picking where the movement is a combination of the translatory and oscillatory movements (the "bounce" technique). Infact, I can only think of a handful of lines that he actually does circle pick.

I also strongly disagree with anybody who doesn't consider Eric to be among the "best" players.
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Alright guys thanks for helping That video really helped, liking the translations, so I'm gonna work with those a lot.
I've messed with circle picking quite a bit a while back. I do think it is helpful in certain situations for bursts of speed or for quick changing of strings/angling, but as a whole I think the picking is best left for the wrist. I found that trying to sustain high speed with circle picking for more than relatively brief moments was difficult, and that the wrist has much better mechanics for it. Freepower's video is good =D
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I also strongly disagree with anybody who doesn't consider Eric to be among the "best" players.

+1, he is both technically and musically insane and one of the most versatile soloists out there without ever diluting his style.

I would also advise that people steer clear of circle picking in all honesty, I've only ever seen/heard something like 3 or maybe 4 people actually get good results out of it.
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