Hey everyone this is my first post and i'm currently looking for my first guitar on Craigslist, i'm planning on teaching myself and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice.
is there any brands i should avoid/look for?
Keep in mind for both of these it's my first guitar, and i will upgrade if i decide to pursue playing guitar.

Here'some that stood out so far
I wanna learn Punk Rock/Rock,
stuff like this.

Thanks guys
take the second link
the 15 watt amp AND the fact that the guitar has a humbucker

the HB pickup will suit you more for the punk rock tones
they're all pretty much the same (the starcaster is definitely the weak one). squire is an excellent way to go for starter guitars. they are rarely stellar, but they are also rarely bad. they are quite often average, which makes them perfect first guitars because you can get the feel without being hampered by a guitar that plays like an egg slicer
I would say which ever one fits your budget but he third one looks nice so that would be my pick.
the third one because that was my first guitar and was alright for me
Go with the first one.
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Hmm, I think the first one is better than the third.

But, even though the Starcaster is more likely to be crap, it has a humbucker which makes it way more versatile/enjoyable for punk IMO. And I know the amp that comes with the Starcaster is a good first amp.

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