I've seen him mentioned here and there, but no thread fully dedicated to him yet. For those who don't know, he was in Reflux for a short time, and is now the bassist for The Faceless. But the reason he gets a whole thread is because of his new solo album!(Alone). And when I say bass solo album, I mean just bass. Apparently, all sounds heard on it are made by a bass guitar. He isn't truly reinventing the wheel (or bass), but it is quite impressive. Even if you aren't a bass enthusiast, it's at least worth a quick listen.

And for an example of his skills, check this video:

Jet propulsion disengage.

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Yea ive been wanting to get his album, just cant find it yet haha.
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Sorry awful Anglish.
Yea thats whats intriguing me!
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Sorry awful Anglish.
Album is disappointing tbh. Sounds like a collection of jams, not a full album. If he kept the songs but had a full band instead of just him it could've been really good, but as it is it sounds like a rough sketch of an album, not a complete album.
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I think the issue with him having a band ahead of him was the risk of him being lost in the rest of the mix, especially with guitars. I personally love the album, by itself.