To cut my long story short, I love Schecter Guitars and I love the Avengers! And I want to build one custom, My paint job and my parts/pickups and Neck, But I can't find an Avenger Body.

I would really hate to buy a 500-600 dollar guitar, Sand it down, and then work from there :\ Then to have all those extra parts and jump in another 400-500 for the stuff I want v.v

I been looking at this cheapo fake remake model, and before some posts blah blah blah about fake copied guitar, I CALLED them and NO WHERE on the guitar is Schecter even mentioned. According to them.

What are your guys opinions?

Anyone know where I could get an Avenger (Syn Gates) Body? At a reasonable Price!

link to cheapo guitar off a site EVERYONE LOVES! (:
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These aren't famous enough to be produced as "spare body". But hey, just get some wood and borrow a bandsaw, isnt that hard...